In fact the United States is robbed UGG Australia

Contact us about the difference between science and the United States UGG Australia UGG’s. Before we only know that in fact the United States is robbed UGG Australia before registration, that is the same. ~ I believe many of my friends in these two countries, UGG is not particularly understand. Here we describe in detail:

UGG is not a brand name, but a kind of shoes in general

A distinction: Processing different. US UGG processing place: China and New Zealand. Australia UGG processing place: AUSTRALIA handmade

Difference between the two: a different style. American products are very sophisticated, design sense; many and fashion styles, and the pursuit of the details for the discerning fashion. Australia because it is handmade, so I feel a bit rough, very wild, very primitive. Not too many fancy details below normal style. Of course, also has a unique design, such as waterproof coating design. Suitable for wild brilliant, unique style, informal section of people.

Distinguish three: fur is different. Both are high-quality Australian fur production. US UGG type to be a little hard, reflected in the hardness of the fur. In general, sheep fur is very soft leather, the United States in this regard, it should be under a lot of effort to get hard leather. And in dealing with leather UGG Australia it is very simple, almost maintaining the original attitude, very thick hair inside boots.

In summary, the United States UGG is a thoroughly American brand (although since the registration of the two countries have “fight” for many years), but most are made in China, perhaps you buy it is only in the United States UGG domestic domestic exports

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UGG sheepskin boots originated in Australia

Style: cartoon strange to mention beautiful heavy promotion: no large-scale advertising and strong marketing fashion: fashion people have been critical of harsh comments as “history of the most ugly” shoes

Is such a pair of ugly shoes has created a popular wave of the world, accepted by the fashion world, appeared in fashion magazines, fashion shows, fashion brand intervention is like Volkswagen, extensive consumer groups, is irresistible.

Ugg is not a brand! ! !

[Ugg] refers to the round fur boots (sheepskin wool) and does not refer to a particular brand, the world no one shoe brand called UGG, a lot has been mistaken mm wool ugg boots brand, that It is wrong. The real known brand and has stores in only Australia’s “Jumbo UGG” and the US “UGG Australia”

Common brand UGG’s

Before and after the First World War, UGG sheepskin boots originated in Australia, UGG namely the so-called Generation refers to “U glyBoots”, the Australians known for such homely boots. In 1979, an Australian named Brian Smith of the present domestic sale of sheepskin boots to the United States, and the establishment of companies, business related operations.
In 1995, the United States from Smith Deckers Outdoor Corporation acquired the UGG products business, the following year in the United States registered the “UGG” trademark. In 1999, the company sent a letter to a number of Deckers UGG Australia sheepskin boots manufacturer, ask to stop trademark infringement, the next few years the two sides started litigation disputes. In 2006, the court’s final judgment, “UGG” trademark owned by Dexter company, but the Australian related companies can continue to operate in the territory of Australia UGG boots. As a result, Dexter company established in the global master “UGG” brand position, while Australia UGG manufacturers can only stick to the domestic market, and may not be “UGG” as a brand to use. In retrospect, the Australians will inevitably distraught deplored. However, they had to admit that the lack of international vision, long-run, meet in workshops, neglect brand building, is the root cause of Australia’s manufacturers have handed it over ancestral commercial wealth; and savvy Americans is relying on the development of global business resources, adhere to brand strategy, we were able to become masters, take the lead.

In recent years, companies rely on Deckers “UGG” brand, began to dominate the market, many consumers only knew that the United States “UGG” brand goods, but I do not know native Australian UGG, many people even mistook Australia as local products fake reasons: neglect brand building

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